The Procurement Bill

May 25th, 2022 by James Goudie KC

The Procurement Bill has 13 Parts and 11 Schedules, and runs to 122 pages. Part 1 contains key definitions. Part 2 sets out principles and objectives.

Part 3 has 6 Chapters: preliminary steps; competitive awards; direct award; award under frameworks; standstill periods and notices; and general provision about awards and procedures.

Part 4 relates to management of public contracts; Part 5 to conflicts of interest; Part 6 to below threshold contracts; Part 7 to implementation of international obligations; Part 8 to information and notices; Part 9 to remedies; Part 10 to procurement oversight;; Part 11 to appropriate authorities and cross-border procurement; and Part 12 to amendments and repeals. Part 13 is general.

Schedule 1 is threshold amounts; Schedule 2 exempted contracts; Schedule 3 estimating the value of contracts; Schedule 4 utility activities; Schedule % direct award justifications; Schedule 6 mandatory exclusion grounds; Schedule 7 discretionary exclusion grounds; and Schedule 8 permitted contract modifications.

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