Target of Judicial Review

July 18th, 2016 by James Goudie KC

In the Judicial Review claim R (Southwark LBC) v LFEPA [2016] EWHC 1701 (Admin) it was contended that there were two decisions, each of which had to be addressed.  The first was a decision to retain responsibility for a decision whether or not to prosecute.  The second was said to be the decision not to change the first decision.  This contention was rejected by a Divisional Court.  Sir Brian Leveson, delivering the Judgment of the Court said, at paragraph 56:

“In our judgment, the argument is entirely misconceived: there is but one decision that requires to be assessed. Thus, the original decision continues to operate until it is brought into effect or reversed. In the absence of new facts which might justify a change of approach, a second decision is not made simply as a consequence of a refusal to change the first one. Were it otherwise, the time limit for judicial review of any decision could be re-started following a refused request to change it.”

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