Suspension of Employee

November 30th, 2018 by James Goudie KC

In Ardron v Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (2018) EWHC 3157 (QB) the NHS Trust was proceeding with a disciplinary hearing, alleging gross misconduct, by way of gross negligence.  The Claimant sought an injunction to prevent the hearing.  Jacobs J dismissed the claim.  His holdings included (paragraphs 116-118) that the Trust had a prima facie case that the Claimant’s conduct amounted to a breach of its relationship of trust and confidence with her.  He held that the absence of a sustainable case on breach of trust and confidence was not demonstrated by the fact that the employee was not suspended and continued to work, when specific monitoring measures had been put in place, the allegations against her had not yet been proved, and the outcome of the disciplinary process was not being prejudged.

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