Standing for Judicial Review

September 4th, 2020 by James Goudie KC

In R ( McCourt) v Parole Board (2020) EWHC 2320 a Divisional Court approve, at para 31, as an accurate high-level summary of the law a passage in Auburn, Moffett & Sharland on Judicial Review, including that the Courts have adopted an increasIngly liberal approach to both individuals and groups bringing judicial review claims. The applicant does not have to claim to be more affected by the decision than anyone else : para 32. Whether an applicant has a sufficient interest to provide standing to bring judicial review proceedings depends on what the rule of law requires in the particular context of the decision under challenge: paras 41-43. A suitably expert organisation may be better placed to present arguments about the impact of policy on an affected class as a whole, rather than an individual in particular: para 43.

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