November 7th, 2023 by James Goudie KC

The 831 paragraph Judgment in the utility case of SIEMENS v HS2 (2023) EWHC 2768 (TCC) covers amongst other matters scoring challenges, change of control consent, evaluation, including power to seek clarification, abnormally low tender (ALT) review, verification prior to negotiation, pre-contract checks, modification, conflict of interest, adequacy of reason and judicial review. Legal principles on award criteria, equal treatment and transparency, and manifest error are set out between paras 135-146 and 575-577. The power to seek clarification is addressed at paras 511-516. The applicable test for ALT appears at para 559; the legal principles applicable to ascertaining the date when an economic operator first had actual or constructive knowledge of material grounds at paragraphs 731-735; abuse of process at paras 793-797; the adequacy of reasons at paras 817/818; and judicial review claims at paras 825-829. Siemens claim failed in all respects.

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