Local Auditors

July 7th, 2014 by James Goudie KC

The Local Audit (Auditor Resignation and Removal) Regulations 2014, SI 2014/1710 (“the Regulations”) made pursuant to the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (“the Act”) make provision about the resignation and removal of a local auditor appointed under Part 3 of the Act. Local auditors audit the accounts of relevant authorities (as to which, see Section 2 of, and Schedule 2 to, the Act). Most relevant authorities are required to have an auditor panel to advise on the selection and appointment of its local auditor (see Section 9 of, and Schedule 4 to, the Act in relation to auditor panels).

Regulation 2 makes provision about the application of the Regulations in relation to relevant authorities that are policing bodies (by virtue of Section 9(2) of the Act those authorities are not required to have an auditor panel). Regulation 3 sets out requirements on an auditor when resigning from office as a relevant authority’s local auditor and steps that must be taken by the authority in question. Regulation 4 requires the auditor panel of the authority to investigate following the resignation of a local auditor.  The panel’s statement is required to be published.

Regulations 5 to 7 make provision about the removal of a local auditor from office, including the way in which such a decision must be taken, the process the relevant authority must follow prior to removal of the auditor and the steps it must take after that removal. Regulation 8 requires a relevant authority to notify certain bodies that the local auditor has ceased to hold office. Regulation 9 requires a relevant authority to appoint a new local auditor within three months and contains provision enabling the Secretary of State to appoint, or direct the authority to appoint, a replacement auditor where the authority has failed to do so.

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