Coronavirus Bill

March 19th, 2020 by Peter Oldham QC

As most relevant to English local authorities’ powers and duties, the Bill provides for the following, amongst other, measures – with a great deal of further detail:-

S 5 and Sched 4 – emergency registration of social workers

S 14 and Sched 11 – lifting/variation of an array of duties under the Care Act 2014. The provisions are notably complex. SoS has power to issue guidance.

S 17 and Sched 12 – changes of requirements in relation to birth and death registration

Ss 35 and 36 and Scheds 15 and 16 – SoS’s powers to close education and childcare premises and the lifting of certain related obligations on parents and LAs, subject to temporary continuity directions in the case of certain institutions

S 57 – postponement of LA elections in May 2020 till May 2021

S 58 – SoS can make regulations in relation to elections to casual vacancies, pushing them back till May 2021 (note that the 6 month rule under s 85 of the LGA 1972 has not been lifted – see yesterday’s post entitled “Some thoughts”)

There are also changes to employment rights which will affect LAs as other employers.

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