July 4th, 2016 by James Goudie KC

There have been a number of important recent Court of Appeal decisions on the law of contract, including in relation to the following propositions: (1) if a party to an agreement promises to make extra payment in order to secure the other party’s promise to perform his existing contractual obligation to provide services and, as a result, secures a benefit, then the benefit is capable of constituting consideration for the promise: MWB Business Exchange Centres v Rock Advertising (2016) EWCA Civ 553 (“MWB”); (2) the fact that a contract contains a clause requiring any amendment to be in writing and signed by both parties does not prevent them from later making a new contract varying the contract by an oral agreement, or by conduct: Globe Motors v TRW Lucas Varity Electric Steering [2016] EWCA Civ 396, MWB; (3) a contract may be concluded where there is acceptance by the claimant by conduct of a written agreement signed by the defendant stated to be binding only after signature by the claimant: Reveille Independent LLC v Anotech International (2016) EWCA Civ 443.

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